Passive Use of Solar Energy and Large Surfaces with Collector Panels 
Combined with Seasonal Storage, PV Panels

  • Orientation of Buildings: Max. 12° tolerance from orientation to south  for the passive use 
    of solar energy for the intended standard with passive-houses apart from very dense areas 
    (compact design of buildings)
  • Energy supply: Covering of heat demand with big collector panels facilities of 62800 mē 
    (2 - 3 mē per mē floor space for dewllings) and seasonal storage, this is equivalent to 
    ca. 20% of the developed land; 50 % covering of electricity supply by PV-Panels results in a 
    surface of 22600 mē, Providing of 24% of the ground floor of the site as roof and facade surfaces 
    that are facing to the south, covering of remaining electricity supply by co-generation plants